Theory of Busyness

If I have three things to do in a day, I’ll take ALL DAY to do them. If I have 72 things to do, I’ll find a way to do 73. Which is why I came home today after running around like crazy and decided that the best use of my 30 minutes of down time was to climb up on the roof and remove all of the pine straw. In heeled boots.

I also decided to cook dinner but that didn’t go so well. I forgot that my 5 pound pork loin was actually two 2.5 pork loins and I stuffed it in the oven and didn’t check it once until the timer beeped.

Oops. Moon had tutoring so we opted to eat out instead of prying the pork out of the pan.

I finally got to sit down about 9:00 pm and logged on to Facebook. I got a friend request from my Aunt Faye, and while I did wonder briefly what happened to her other account, I “friended” her. She was very chatty and immediately sent me a private message to say hi. Because I LUV her, I said hello, told her to come see me, mentioned the yard sales we’d go to, blah, blah, blah. That’s when things got weird and she started telling me about some new government grant that our hometown had gotten. Okayyyy.

It was about this time that she ALSO posted on Facebook that she’d been hacked and no one should respond to requests.

Oops. It took me a minute to figure out which one was the REAL Faye and which one was the evil twin, so I could delete the bad one.

If Tania-the-Mad ever gets hacked, I’ll NEVER figure it out.

2 thoughts on “Theory of Busyness

  1. I hope you didn’t give your address because I don’t want to yard sale with this chatty Faye.

  2. Heading for divorce? What does that mean? Just stop all of this now .If you are not the priarmy you can not close it. You are married and her debts are yours. You need to decide, are you staying with her or not? If you are not you get a legal seperation and debts she incurs are her own. Either way the both of you will owe at some point. What about the kids? What happens with custody an such. So she is going to bang the credit cards realizing that even if you leave you will pay with child support.Keep all of the credit statements. Just leave for a bit as once you do she may realize that life will not be so easy. Sure the kids may be a bit traumatized but better that for a short time than for the rest of their lives. If she hasn’t had a job for nine years .. it will happen.

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