Weekend Highs and Lows

I like weekends like the one that just passed – mainly because I did nothing. Cheers to laziness! Friday started on a LOW note when MoonPie came home from school in tears. Seems that her School BFF (not to be confused with her non-school BFF or her cousin BFF) no longer wants to be friends. Yes, it’s that time of life. Of course I gave great motherly advice like, “Some friends are forever and some are just for a season,” and “It’s her loss, not yours” and “Write that she’s a skank on the INSIDE of the bathroom door so the teachers won’t see it and erase it.” Then I went shopping so that she’d have some awesome, new clothes to wear on Monday. Nothing says “Who needs you ANYWAY” like a color-coordinated outfit from Justice, amiright?

Friday night, Moon and I left JD to his own devices and went to a friends house for Chicken Chili where I ate enough for five people.  I didn’t want to be RUDE. Plus it was yummy. A definite HIGH.

Saturday morning I dropped Moon off for an all-day Girl Scout event, then hit the yard sales. I found shoes, books, vintage gloves, and a Star Wars Battleship game that included most of the necessary pieces. High! Saturday night I made meatloaf and that was about as exciting as it sounds. It sounds LOW.

Sunday we went to church and the first song the band sang was this:

It struck me that I’ve been hearing this song for 46 years, since those first days at Flatt Creek Church of Christ. As cute Kristian Stanfill sang, I could hear my grandmother’s voice singing right along with him.

PRAISE the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.

Total HIGH. And after that, how could there be a low? 

Seriously. Even Monday doesn’t seem so bad. Enjoy yours!

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