Travel- Zolligirl Style

I had a lot of fun traveling – seeing the Taj Mahal, eating crepes in Paris, dancing with a Justin Bieber cut-out. But nothing tops HOW I traveled. Due to my friends and their massive number of frequent flyer miles, I was able to travel halfway around the world and back for FREE. But that’s not even the best part. Somehow, for the flights home, they managed to get our seats in business class.

Kittens, it is how I was meant to fly.

Air France is the best. First they gave me champagne. For FREE. Then they handed out socks, a blanket, and a kit with a toothbrush, moisturizer and an eye mask.

Snuggling under my blanket, drinking champagne and watching movies, I wasn’t even worried about crashing! I would have died a happy woman. But I’m glad we DIDN’T crash because I would have missed out on the five course meal. First, foie gras with figs. Then, MORE foie gras with lox. Dinner was a braised veal dish, then a cheese plate, and finally a trio of desserts. All accompanied by a fine beaujolais!

I. Am. Fancy.

The hardest part was figuring out how to position my seat. Seriously. There are 33 ways to support your legs.

Mantamy figured it out in time for a quick nap. Or else she drank too many glasses of champagne. I know one of us did, but the details are fuzzy.

Viva la premiere classe!

3 thoughts on “Travel- Zolligirl Style

  1. I thought that the food sound really good until I googled foie gras and it said fat liver.

  2. If you had to select a picture from a leg of our return journey to post, thank you for choosing THIS one!

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