Traveling, MERCY.

Some things that happened today in our quest for the beach:

1. After we’d FINALLY gotten every one and every thing loaded into the van, it wouldn’t start.

2. As we were pulling into Cosco, our van overheated.

3. While we were sitting at Cosco, cousin RimFire says, “What’s that?”. It was a fake penis laying beside the car. AWESOME.

4. I panicked and told the girls it was something “gross and dirty” and not to look at it, ensuring years of counseling in their future.

5. The girls said “How much further?” and “I’m starving!” 212 times.

6. About an hour outside of St. Simon’s, I realized I’d forgotten theĀ  dress Moon was planning on wearing to this week’s graduation.

7. We stopped at Belk so I could buy ANOTHER dress, the fourth in this pursuit.

8. The van overheated again.

9. We finally got to St. Simon’s where Stanley had a Bloody Mary waiting.

10. I decided I’m never leaving. Could someone please mail me my things? I only brought one bathing suit.

2 thoughts on “Traveling, MERCY.

  1. I thought you were not going with JD unless he got the car fixed. Do you think maybe Weiner’s wife cut it off?

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