1. You know what probably sounds better than it actually is? “being Facebook friends with a congressman.”

2. Same goes for “Gaza Strip Mall.”

3. Publix has Beggin Strips – buy one get one free. They are normally ten bucks so that makes them five each. AND I found two with $2.00 off Peelies, which means I paid $6.00 for $20.00 worth of dog treats.

4. When I was growing up, our dogs got a special treat called, “scraps”.

5. I drove around today for HOURS, seriously, and basically went no where. All I can tell you is that shoes were involved.

6. I can’t get this SONG out of my head.

7. The other day I asked the Lord to wake me up at 5:02 a.m. I hit the G-d snooze button and slept in until 5:05. I didn’t want to push my luck.

8. Speaking of the big guy – His thoughts are not my thoughts, His ways are not my ways. There’s a lot of people on TV that I would say the same about.

9. Anthony Weiner, Charlie Sheen, the cast of Jersey Shore to name a few.

10. I’ve seen three blogs in the last week totally dedicated to HATING on The Pioneer Woman. I can’t believe that no one hates me enough to start a Zollgirl Sux blog. Are you people actually READING this stuff?

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