Think that was good? Check this out!

Kittens, I think we can all agree on one thing – Nick Taylor knows BS when he sees it. Just think how many more children could have been fed if that crazy American could stop spending money on scarves!! If he saw her jewelry case I’m pretty sure he’d spontaneously explode. Imagine what he’d do if he heard the check bounced! I’m scared just thinking about it.

Thankfully, I’m much deeper and more spiritually mature than my sister, and when I give to the poor, I give sacrificially. See, in addition to going to the Children’s Home, I actually SPONSOR one of the kids, let’s call her “Sheila”. This means that I send money every month, and while I don’t want to brag,  the woman who runs the home says it pays almost 1/4 of Sheila’s actual monthly expenses. Impressive, right? But sponsors don’t just give monthly, once a year they can send gifts to their child – things like clothing, books, etc. Once a year, unless you just happen to be VISITING. Then you can bring gifts with you. How awesome is that? In anticipation of my visit, I wrote and asked what Sheila liked, and then I set out to be the BEST SPONSOR EVER.

First, I shopped until I found the perfect gift. Sure it was too big to fit into any of our luggage, but the Delta agent made me a super-duper shoulder bag out of some cardboard and tape. This made getting off and on three planes, and going through 19 security checkpoints a breeze.

Because we arrived just a few days before school was out for summer, we were able to use the “End of School Party” to debut the gift. All of the kids were gathered together on the veranda and told that a special guest was visiting. Then I walked around the corner with…

Justin Bieber!! C’mon, it doesn’t get much better than that, amiright? Sheila is a HUGE fan and was thrilled with the 5’10” cutout. All of the kids, and some of the adults, kept coming to have their photos taken with him.

Man, if I’d had a life-size cutout of Sean Cassidy back in 1981, I would have been UNDONE.

Zolligirl, humbly spreading Bieber Fever across India. If that’s not worth the Nick Taylor Humanitarian Award, I don’t know what is.

5 thoughts on “Think that was good? Check this out!

  1. Our whole house would have been full of life size cut outs. You had a different crush every week.

  2. Hey Zolligirl – Being as the average age of your readers is on the South side thirtysomething, can we get a new name other than “kittens” ? I’m several decades past “kitten”, and getting farther away all the time… Personally, I think you could try referring to your loyal fans as “brainiacs” or “gifted readers”. I’m just sayin’

  3. Perhaps “Dear Reader”? That sounds age appropriate. And by “age appropriate” I mean for you old people.

  4. Glad you made it back safely, with no major mishaps.Speaking of spreading cheer and the wealth; Ever hear of St. Joseph’s Indian School at Chamberlain, SD.? Roman Catholic school for the Lakota Sioux children. These kids come from broken homes, homes where alcoholism has taken over. Just generally disadvantaged kids who are schooled and nurtured. Good place to think about in the future, and a lot closer than India!

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