Doing Good Is Hard

Kittens, I think we can all agree that my aspirations of being a travel blogger are misguided. Travel AND blog? No way. I was lucky to find my way face down to the bed each night, much less try and think coherently. But that’s the price you pay for being a world traveling do-gooder.

Yes, I went to India to spread cheer, and that in itself doesn’t sound too hard, but then my SISTER got involved. See, she’s a member of the Grundy Woman’s Club and she made ME a member sometime last year. So when I said I was going to a Children’s Home in India, she promptly made me Chairman of the Grundy Woman’s Club’s International Committee. Despite the big title, turns out it’s not a paid position. The good news is that the club took a vote and decided to send me a check for $200 dollars to take to the home. The bad news is that it is not as easy as you think.

First of all, you can’t CHECK a check, what if someone steals it?? From Atlanta, to NY, to Paris, to India – on 16 airport trains and through 7 terminals, in and out of security, that check went everywhere I went.

On the Metro in Paris…

At the Red Fort in Delhi..

Haggling over prices with the merchants…

Causing a stir with the locals…

At Humayun’s Tomb…..

Lost and getting directions…

Buying fruit….

At the Taj Mahal…

And FINALLY, to the Children’s Home.

The kids were very excited and appreciated all of my effort in getting it to them. I’m pretty sure the only thing that would have made it MORE special, would have been a visit from the upcoming Grundy Woman’s Club President herself and a couple of club members.

Something to look forward to in 2013? As a GWC member in good-standing, I vote yes.

11 thoughts on “Doing Good Is Hard

  1. I can’t believe that Sister has not commented since that check was carried all that way just for her.

  2. 200… dollars… weren’t your travel expenses alone more than that? It’s kinda crummy that these people take two hundred dollars and fly it the whole way out there for more than 200 dollars… not to mention they blow it up on a huge check to make it seem like a huge deal… when, even if it IS a huge deal to those kids, for Americans it’s nothing.. I’m sure they could have spared more.. and making themselves seem so giving by putting it on a huge check is horrible when they know that it’s really nothing that special… especially from a GROUP of people… I mean really.. even if its only FOUR.. can you not send like $100 each??


  4. I mean really.. look at the bottom picture of how they dressed up so much.. are these people just trying to seem like bigshots? Each of their outfits in that picture alone probably cost atleast $200 dollars.. these people weren’t being nice at all.. they were looking for some excuse to tell themselves they have given according to the Bible.. I’m pretty darn sure if they can buy clothes like those, (especially that woman’s scarf in the middle) then they can afford to give more than a measely $200 check… pathetic..

  5. Oh.. a “children’s home”… looked at the pictures and it seems like more of a “we only take care of homeless GIRLS” home… as if the little homeless boys sleeping in the streets every night don’t deserve just as much care…

  6. Nick I think you should not be commenting when you nothing of the details. This was not a girls home there are several boys there. The Grundy Women’s Club didn’t send the big check that was a joke on them. They found out about the home and sent the money. How much have you sent and how many mission trips have you made? You are a rude ugly person.

  7. Nick you are right she is an American, A very proud American. Americans are the best. The Grundy Women’s Club is in a small coal mining town in Virginia. These women work hard to earn money to give to others. Walmart is the big store in that town and I don’t think you could find a $200 scarf in the town. You can find a lot of things a Good Will and thrift stores.

  8. Doing good really is hard. Nick, I want to put your mind at rest. The Grundy Woman’s Club is an organization comprised of women who volunteer their time and services for the betterment of their community and those in need. We currently contribute to Heifer International and Operation Smile along with the children’s home in India as part of our International commitment. We also contribute to prevent Child Abuse America, CASA, the local women’s shelter, the local nursing home, the literacy program locally, a gold sponsor of Relay for Life, and we give out 4 scholarships per year for a college bound student. We fund raise throughout the year and currently are holding an event where the proceeds go to BackPack Blessings. An organization that sends food home over the weekends in backpacks from school for children who might otherwise go hungry. As a member of the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs we document our activities so that the Federation can see how its members are supporting their causes. The large check was just a cute idea to have as photos similar to how people take their gnomes on vacations and take pictures with them. The money was given directly to the children’s home and if YOU also want to contribute you can. Simply make out your check to:
    Wesleyan Fellowship Partners
    2005 Stilesboro Rd.
    Kennesaw, GA 30152
    (please include a note that says “India”)

  9. Also, the scarf was purchased at one of our fundraising activities for $10.00. Most of the jewelry that we are wearing was purchased from Timeless Treasures-another fundraising activity at $2.00 per piece. All three outfits and jewelry probably don’t add up to the $200.00 as mentioned. However, it is nice to know we at least LOOK expensive.

  10. who is nick taylor? Either he’s a sarcastic genius friend of yours, or an escaped patient from the local mental institution.

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