These Are the Days of Our Lives

Don’t you think it’s odd that a gallon of milk and a gallon of gas cost approximately the same? Cows must be a lot more difficult to milk than I’ve been led to believe. I was thinking about this today while driving JD’s van. About a year ago, he replaced the fuel pump which works WONDERFULLY until you get below a quarter of a tank, then I’ve been instructed to never park on a hill. Awesome. So today, when I finally found a parking spot on the square, I was worried that the incline might prove disastrous. Side note: I don’t normally say things like “prove disastrous”, but I’m watching Masterpiece Theatre as I write this. Anyway, the van started with a bang, then puttered and threatened to quit, FORCING me to floor it, run two red lights, and squeal tires getting to the gas station. Where I bought gas. Was that a suspenseful story or what?

Kinda like watching American Idol to see who got the boot. Paul? PAUL? Cute, white-toothed, scratchy-voiced Paul? What is WRONG with America? My prediction – Lauren Alaina for the win. The others are too boring or crazy to win. You heard it here 375th!

Speaking of hearing, this morning Moon was having trouble putting on her tennis shoes. Finally, she looked up at me and yelled, “STINKING HELL!” I was slightly taken aback at her demeanor, (thanks MasterP). Um, what?  “I said, I can’t get this stinking HEEL to go in my shoe.” Whew, I was worried there for a second. Worried she’d picked up some language from Tania-the-Mad!

Speaking of old stuff, I REALLY love Masterpiece Theatre. I meant to tivo Downton Abbey, but somehow it started recording all of the shows. A new version of Upstairs/Downstairs was on the other day and it was SO good. Made me wish I had lived in the thirties. UPstairs, of course.

Well, that’s all for now. Eleanor Dashwood is calling and I gather Marianne has made her infatuation for Willoughby well known and now is considered damaged goods. It’s quite the scandal!

5 thoughts on “These Are the Days of Our Lives

  1. I got called down for my language last week and I was pretty mild. I should have been smart like Moon and said what is wrong with shish?

  2. Doesn’t really surprise me that Paul got sent packing. I actually had him and Scotty both ranked with a D but I changed his to a D+ so that the bum Scotty would be last. I guess I just really dislike the MAD Horatio Turner knockoff. Lauren, Haley, and James should be your top 3…but then again Daughtry finished in 4th place and he’s had a little success.

    “I cross my heart, and promise to (Scotty’s last song)” always vote Scotty last because he makes me wanna puke!

  3. I guess that I will have to vote more for Scotty next week since he is not going to get your vote Coach.

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