School’s Out Forever

Moon has been out of school since Thursday, or so says the calendar, but I’m pretty sure it’s been longer. Like weeeeeeks longer. I keep telling myself that she will one day outgrown Barbies, but sometimes it feels like we’ll be sitting on her dorm bed and fighting over Ken.

Except that Ken is much too pedestrian for us. We don’t play normal Barbies, no, we play GREASE Barbies. A few months ago, I let Moon watch the “good” parts of Grease. Basically that’s just Olivia Newton-John singing Hopelessly Devoted to You, but it was enough to capture Moon’s attention. Now I have to sit through Barbie sessions where Danny, Sandy, Rizzo, Kenickie and Frenchy go to Rydall and have to deal with Mrs. Zucko, the hard-nosed teacher. I LOVE Grease, but Moon Mrs. Zucko yells every time one of my characters launches into song, so it takes some of the fun out of it.

I shouldn’t complain. At least we’re playing something that makes some sort of sense. Unlike her favorite game to play in the car – Grease Wars. This is a fun and entertaining game where I get to be all of the characters from Grease while she plays Padme, the mysterious new student from “Jersey”.

No wonder public school cut out recess.

2 thoughts on “School’s Out Forever

  1. She needs an imaginary friend to play with her. Soon it will be boyfriends and you will wish she was back playing Barbie.

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