You Win Some, You Lose Some

This was a tough weekend for a person who spends a lot of time on the internet and hates conflict. First of all, the shutdown. If you knew what vile and ugly things I wanted to spew on Facebook, you’d probably drive over and take my computer away. Or urge me to go ahead and write them if you’re my mother. It’s a constant battle of typing, deleting, hating, and confessing. Who did people hate before the internet?

I’m guessing the University of Georgia. Seriously, how aggravating was that game? Tennessee was soooo close and I was actually dancing around my living room in a bright, orange #16 jersey right up until the last dang touchback. Lucky for my smug husband, he was not at home. And lucky for my television, I was babysitting Allison. I hated to undo all of my “Tennessee is awesome, Georgia sucks” training by terrorizing her with a flat-screen against the wall fit.

I was so undone by the loss that I couldn’t go to church on Sunday. My pastor is not a Tennessee fan and while I know Jesus is, I wasn’t sure if the sermon would touch on that so I punted. See what I did there? Besides, I had a tennis match to prepare for. My team is in 2nd place and I’m undefeated so it was important that I give it my full attention. I was just pulling into Kroger to buy cupcakes for the match, yeah, we are THAT serious, when I got a phone call. Seems the other team was so intimidated about playing against me, they defaulted. I was a little bummed, but then my partner called to say she was also bummed because she had just put on her Georgia shirt and visor and I remembered that I hate tennis. And her.

I came home and settled in for another afternoon of football – this time Denver vs. Dallas. Denver has been killing everyone, but no, as soon as I decide to watch, it goes down to the wire. Luckily, Denver pulled out a win and remain undefeated.

God bless Peyton. I am SO sorry for every bad thing I ever said about him just because we lost to Florida during his reign.

And also for the way I looked dancing around in the living room in your #16 jersey. What can I say? I eat when I’m nervous. Win bigger next time.

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