Road Life

And so it begins. You know my friend, Mantamy? She’s the one that convinced a non-flyer/non-traveler to go to India, and almost got me eaten by a shark. At this point, I’m not sure why I even let her speak in my presence, but a few months ago she said,

You know what you should do? You should rent an RV and drive out to see us – in Seattle!

I just laughed. Do you know how expensive it would be to RENT an RV? Instead, we BOUGHT an RV.


This is Millie Falcon. It’s short for Millenium¬†Falcon, which is what JD and Teen Tyre say is a really, top-notch famous spaceship. Since this is obviously a top-of-the-line RV, it fit.

The interior came standard in Pink Velour, but we decided to upgrade her a bit. We had the interior painted and then recovered every surface that we could find.



Once that was done, we were ready to pack her and hit the road. By pack her, I mean go to WalMart and Target 172 times and buy everything they stock because it’s like having a second fricking house except there’s no closets or storage. If you’re looking for bins in the Atlanta area, you’re out of luck.

Finally, it was time to get underway. YAY!

We made it ten minutes before having a blowout.

After searching for a while we finally found a WalMart that could put the spare on for us, then we headed back home to regroup.¬†Tomorrow, we’re heading out on the road for the MOST EPIC ROAD TRIP EVAH, part two, this time with four brand new tires.

Teen Tyre is finding the whole adventure super fun as you can probably tell.



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  1. This sounds like a fun trip. The kitten and Bo have made friends now to get her friends with the other four.

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