Freeda Tyre, 2000-2017


Freeda “Freed Her” Tyre, a life-long resident of Acworth, died Friday, the 3rd of March, in the arms of her two-legged parents.

Born in 2000, she was originally adopted by a pair of nefarious renters who weren’t worthy of touching her tail. She was freed from her captors in 2001, (hence the name FREEDA), and never looked back. She spent most of her time on the bed barking at those who dared enter her territory, i.e. the driver of that small white truck who brought envelopes every day, or sitting under the table barking at squirrels who are lucky she was behind a window.

She loved visiting her cousins on the mountain in Tennessee, walking the beach in St. Simons, eating popcorn by the handfuls, snuggling between her parents on the bed, and watching the antics of her two-legged sister.

She was sweet-natured, but fiercely protective of her family when the need arose.

She was loved, and she will be missed immensely.

Freeda will be buried with her sister, Gitzo, in the family cemetery on Wednesday, March 8th, in Tennessee.

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.

Luke 12:6

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