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Because it’s late and Jeanette hasn’t sent me her photos from today (bad, BAD, Jeanette) I can’t show you any images from our awesome day on the lake. Or my flat abdomen. Bummer. And because the pool is not finished, I can’t show you Part TWO in the riveting series called, Pool Maintenance by Dummies.

But what I DO have for you is a Zolligirl first – a product recommendation. I would be happy to do these more, if anyone out there would like to SEND me products to review. Cars and stainless steel appliances would get first priority.

You may have noticed it’s 212 degrees outside. For the past few weeks I’ve been sleeping with a box fan beside the bed. The fan was from WalMart and cost about $10.00 dollars. It was fine, but then the MoonPie started taking it to HER room at bedtime. I would have to wait until she was asleep, then steal it back. What? I’ve got a husband and two dogs on my bed, I needed the fan! A few days ago, JD came home with a NEW fan.

Behold the Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with REMOTE Control! It’s slim, it’s trim, and it produces a BREEZE. It actually fluctuates like a breeze! And when I wake up in the middle of the night and want to turn it up or down, I just use the remote control. No more getting out of bed and walking two feet!

It’s blowing it’s sweet, light breeze over me now as I write this. Wait, let me pick up my remote…ahhhh, perfection.

What can I say? Real Housewives of Cobb County is a bit low on drama.

3 thoughts on “Product Review

  1. If it were 212 degress outside we would all be dead because our insides would boil/fry…just saying…

  2. All of you are just spoiled…do you hear ME complaining about the 213 degree weather down here???????

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