People are creative

I was sitting in traffic last week when I noticed this –


I’m talking about the screen, made from two trees! Here’s a closer view –


Hmmm. Well, it’s two trees planted at right angles from each other to make a SCREEN. Okay, here’s another one –


Wasn’t it nice of them to take all of the leaves off so I could see better? They have some sort of fruit on them; JD says it’s a persimmon tree.


I don’t know, but I thought it was cool. Probably because I can’t find the time to give my plants water, much less mold them into interesting shapes. I’m a bad plant owner! And just as I was feeling that PERHAPS I could coax my Rose of Sharon into something less like a bush, I found THIS-

chair1 How would you like to be THEIR neighbors? Okay, I’m now going to do what I always do when faced with an interesting and provocative challenge – give up. If God had wanted trees to grow in chair shapes people, He would have made them that way. Besides, Rose of Sharon IS a bush. Geesh.

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