Fun in the sun


Having a pool can be a real pain sometimes, but days like today remind me of why we don’t fill it in and grow tomatoes. Cute kids show up and perch on the diving board. Even though the temperature of the water is about 65 degrees, they’re not cold. Not enough to quit swimming anyway.


They find splashing people great fun.


Splashing people with a friend is even MORE fun.


Okay, splashing your parents – the most fun EVER.

It was an impromptu gathering, just us hanging out with friends and all of the kids.  These are the kind of friends that when you say, “Hey, you want to stay and eat…then could you run to Walmart”, just smile and go. The kind of folks that overlook weeds in the flower beds, bare spots in the lawn, and patches in the pool. Or at least they pretend to. Either way is good for me.

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