Kathryn “Katie” Yarbrough, 1914-2011

I don’t have the eloquence to write a proper response to the death of my dear, sweet, friend Katie, or to adequately describe what knowing her was like. How do you relate what it feels like to be loved, unconditionally by someone who has no reason to care about you, but somehow does? I’ll just say this: I’ve known a lot of fine, Godly people in my life, but no one has shown me the love of Jesus, or been a living reflection of who He is, better than her.

I’m blessed to have known you, Katie. And I’ll never forget you.

3 thoughts on “Kathryn “Katie” Yarbrough, 1914-2011

  1. My heart aches, because you loved her so much. What a beautiful tribute Zolli. I can’t wait to meet Katie in heaven! Maybe there I’ll finally learn to play bridge…

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