The Hottest Thing in Old Fashion

Moon and I came to Zollicoffer for the weekend. It just happened to be the weekend of my mom’s Vintage Fashion Show and I just happened to bring my camera. My sister just happened to threaten my life if I didn’t, so I’m glad that worked out.

The dress ($20) and the purse ($12) both sold.

This cute prom dress ($25) did not. TWENTY-FIVE dollars!

This dress wasn’t old. I know cause it was mine. The price was $24, but because so many people wanted it, they auctioned it off for $45. Good luck whoever bought it. I hope YOU don’t hang it in your closet for two years waiting until you lose enough weight to wear it and then wake up to the reality that that day will NEVER happen and sell it. Not that I”m bitter.

This was the top seller. Originally asking $25 dollars, the dress sold for $105 through auction. The hat, and purse also fetched three times what they were asking.

Why don’t we dress like this anymore? Is it because the feminist movement has taught us that to be equal to men we must dress more like them? Or because no woman over thirty has the waistline to fit into vintage fashion? Let’s go with that first one. I blame Gloria Steinem.

Tania-the-Mad is hosting the next show in Virginia so if you feel like driving for hours on a curvy road and staying in a motel right out of Deliverance, let me know. If you have a camera, you can take my place.

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