I may have a problem

I’ve been couponing seriously for about six weeks now. Here’s my stash of catalogued coupons –


All of those file folders are full of coupons, filed by date. The bag is full of loose coupons.

These are pictures of the big freezer in my garage I thought I’d never fill.



Here’s a shot of the new shelves we had to buy to hold the excess dry goods since every available spot in the pantry is taken.


I’ve turned into one of “those” people, you know, the lady in line with a huge shopping cart full of groceries and 142 coupons that takes forever for the cashier to ring up? The one that talks to everyone while she’s waiting in line, giving unsolicited advice on how to save money?  Today, a couple in front of me were buying MUSTARD. Two of them! I wanted to stop them and say DON’T YOU KNOW IT GOES ON SALE TOMORROW AND YOU CAN MATCH IT WITH A COUPON TO GET IT FREE?? Seriously!

Can you see my PROBLEM? Exactly. Where in the world am I going to put another six foot freezer and a couple of shelves? I’m going to have 14 bottles of mustard tomorrow and no place to put them! Sigh. At least I know what to do with the spare bedroom when Ashleigh leaves.

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