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I mentioned earlier that Rachel and I went to some yard sales over the weekend. We found a great one where the people REALLY wanted to get rid of stuff so they were selling it cheap. I got a cool, vintage train case WITH keys for 2.00 bucks.


The lady having the sale asked Rachel if she liked to read, and when she answered yes, gave her three small paperbacks for free. She casually mentioned that her friend had written them, and I promptly forgot all about it. So last night, Rachel asked JD to read her one of them called Black Rain.


Uh…here’s an excerpt: Then [they] met their friend , Momoko Takami. Her face was swollen and her hair was burnt. She wanted them to help get her trapped mother and baby brother out from under their crushed home.

Turns out that Black Rain is about the bombing of Hiroshima. WOW. Goodbye innocent childhood, hello nightmares!. The story follows Hanako, a young girl at school when the bomb hits, on her way home to find her parents. This is the feel good ending:

Mother was so disfigured Hanako could hardly recognize her. She was covered with bandages. She had suffered many burns. Hanako could not even hug her because touching was painful.

JD glossed over the story. A less creative person might have had trouble glossing over something like being burned beyond recognition, but I think his version was more of the the “We built a bomb that ended the war and saved lots of lives. U.S.A! U.S.A!”  variety.

Rachel was nonplussed about the whole thing, and I’ve checked the other books to make sure they’re not about more fun topics. Like the Holocaust, or the Spanish Inquisition. Moral of the story – take your kids to yard sales. She got books for FREE.

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  1. Review by Ed for Rating: I was a bit skeptical about how this would fair with the fritceoy of my 70lb Coon Hound’s (mix) eating. Surprisingly, after the first few times eating with it, he stopped the pushing when he got to the last few kibble and began to eat at a slower rate, hopefully helping his digestion and keeping him a little more satisfied with the food. I feel as though he would eat so fast beforehand, that he wouldn’t feel full by the time he finished and he’d still be on the prowl for more food this bowl has certainly lessened that problem.[]

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