How YOU doin?

The title was a Friend’s reference, by the way. It’s always a good sign when a blog post starts off with a reference to a 10 year old sitcom, amiright? Look, I’m tired. I’m way too popular and active for my body apparently, thus I have a stiff neck and an inability to stay up past 9 p.m.

It started with a sleep-over. Doesn’t it always? Moon hadn’t had anyone over in a while, so I relented and told her she could bring a school friend home with her on Friday. Because there is nothing to do at our house, and I didn’t want to spend money actually going somewhere fun, I improvised. Improvising is where I make my husband do something. In this case, I had him set up our massive 3-room tent in the living room. We threw a blowup mattress inside, put a checked tablecloth over the coffee table, filled a cooler full of Little Debbie cakes, threw out a couple of camping chairs, then locked ourselves in the bedroom with Netflix and some headphones. It was a success. As far as I know  – I was out by 11 and the kids were still breathing when I got up on Saturday, so YAY me.

Saturday morning, JD took the girls to the lake so they could canoe and not catch any fish, and I stayed in bed until the last possible second. I’d probably have stayed there until Sunday, but our dear friends, Kit and Brat (not their real names), invited us to the Braves game. It was a celebration of my and Kit’s birthday which explains why we went, but not why they paid for everything including dinner. What can I tell you, my mom always says I have good friends, and she is right. At least this one time.

Anyway, not only did the Braves get a home-run on the Moe’s Homewrecker Home-run challenge which means we got a free burrito from Moe’s, but Kit got on the jumbo screen!

It could have been the hat she was wearing considering it was 42 different colors and featured birthday candles. But it was probably because she is super cute. Having neither to recommend me, I stayed in my seat and just consoled myself with thoughts of the Homewrecker burrito I was going to eat the next day.

Which I did. Totally. I had to play tennis first, hence the sore neck, but believe it or not, I actually WON. My regular partner was out of town and I played with a friend that we call “The Backboard”, so it was pretty much all her, but I didn’t care. I am 1 and 0 for the season, UNDEFEATED, baby!

Afterward, I wanted nothing but to take a shower and go to bed, but Sunday’s are Moon’s night, so at her request, I slept with her. Which explains why  I had a dream that my friends threw me into the bed of a truck with a moose right on top of me, and drove me around for hours while we tried to find someone to get it OFF.

Other than that, it was a very restful weekend. Now I’m off to bed to rest my neck. I have this feeling that something’s wrong with it. Something is wrong with the left Philange!

Yeah, ending with a Friend’s quote isn’t any better than starting with one.

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