Friday Five

Before I get into the list, I just wanted to tell you that Moon does NOT need braces. At least not for another 6 months. And I’m a little disappointed in the number of people that wondered which orthodontist we visited. Really? You think I’d take my daughter to a 1 star shop for anything less than a 50% discount? You don’t know me at all.

Now on with the list!

1. My daughter and I are kinda in love with this song and video. I play it any time she needs to be redirected from a dramatic moment. We play it A LOT.

2. Speaking of videos, this combines two fun things – Blurred Lines with Sanford and Sons. Epic.

3. Most of my Summer shows are finished and my Fall shows haven’t started back yet, but I STILL managed to find something good on BBC.

4. This is why I’m Vegan AND fat:

12 Surprising Vegan Foods

5. I watched The Notebook for the 87th time this week. Ryan Flippin’ Gosling people! Which led me to the age old question, Is Ryan Gosling Cuter than a puppy?

If you even have to think about the answer to that question, don’t ever speak to me again.

Enjoy your weekend!

One thought on “Friday Five

  1. I guess we steal material from the same blogs, I posted the Blurred Lines video on FB this morning. It’s actually from “Sanford” not “Sanford and Son”

    Katy Perry did a pretty good live performance of “Roar” at the VMA’s. No one talked about it because of all the publicity Miley got. Check it out, I’m sure it’s on the web somewhere.


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