Fun and Games

While in INDIA, in the very rare moments that we weren’t doing something HOLY, we played games. Specifically, Bananagrams.

Here’s all I have to say about that – my friends cheat. Especially Kim.

I played the other night at my friend Amy’s house. I’m sorry to report that she cheats, too! Seriously, what is up with that? Just be a good loser people. Geesh.

Because the game is fun under normal circumstances, I broke down yesterday and bought one. And discovered that JD is a cheater. And so is Jeanette. And Jemi.

Buy at your own risk. It really brings out the worst in people.

5 thoughts on “Fun and Games

  1. Um, cheaters never win and as I recall, I won…BOTH times. So, both you AND Kim must be cheaters, cheater.

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