Bold New Frontier

For the past three years, we’ve been doing a Homeschool/Private School hybrid combo. Basically, a local private school set the curriculum, the MoonPie went two days a week, and then the school told me what to do the other three. Sometimes I even did it. Correctly. It was a nice balance for us in that someone actually made sure we were doing schoolwork and not spending all day watching Sponge Bob or cruising yard sales.

There were a lot of advantages – friends, school atmosphere, Christian education, flexibility. The  biggest DISadvantage was that we HAD to do the curriculum on their schedule. If we had a busy week, or needed to dwell on a particular subject, too bad, it’s DUE and do you know what happens if we don’t turn in our homework on time? We get a bad grade! And that reflects on ME. They always tell you that it’s not your fault when your child does poorly, but we all know the truth. Point being – stress.

Today, we did something crazy. We took one small step for MoonPie and a giant leap for ME. Public School, here we come! It’s not that I’ve had anything against public school. Well, except for that time I read a teacher put a hit out on a student, that did seem bad. But I’m sure that rarely happens, right? No, I’ve not had anything against public school except that it seemed so BIG and my baby-love Moonpie seemed so LITTLE. I simply chose the homeschool route because I wanted to SEE my daughter all day, every day. And by “see”, I mean totally protect her from any and every scary thing. Fear made me a homeschooler! Then I told Fear to take a hike. The same week I decided to go to India, I decided Moonpie could go to public school. Who’s afraid of a little 3rd grader influence? We can handle it. Besides, it finally hit me today. Public School is FREE. As in, no cost. How crazy is that??

I bought all of MP’s supplies AND a few clothes for less that the registration fee at her old school. (Backpack from Justice, on sale and cheaper than the bags at Target!) Not that that had anything to do with it. I really think my daughter is going to enjoy the classroom, the fun projects, other kids, etc. And I’m going to enjoy having more money, and more time, and being MOM instead of Mrs. Cranky McTeacherface. Oh, and she’s excited about meeting new friends, yada, yada, yada. Win-win situation.

It’s not going to be ALL easy. I am going to miss feeling superior to all of the public school moms. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find another way. I bet half of those losers don’t even blog! Geesh.

5 thoughts on “Bold New Frontier

  1. Moon Pie will be soo smart going 5 days a week she will be teaching you and JD a few things.

  2. She will definitely be teaching y’all something. I get a new lesson everyday with Cody but it keeps us young :-).

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