Easy Money

Have you heard of the game show Cash Cab? It’s a guy, driving a New York City cab, and asking you questions for money. The first ones are easier and worth 50 bucks, then they get progressively harder and worth more. The goal is to reach your destination WITHOUT missing three questions. If you miss three,  you get kicked to the curb!

My friend, Jeanette, was visiting the other day and we decided to watch it. She’s FROM New York, so I thought it would be good for us to see how it’s done. You never know, we might visit the city together one of these days and we could always use  extra cash.

Here’s a few of the questions:

This acronym gained prominence during the Watergate scandal. What does CREEP stand for?

According to a Freudian reading study of 1982, what sibling slueths depict the interaction between the id and the super ego?

Among Russian men, the 20 most common names all end in what letter of the alphabet?

Able to detect both rotation and vibration, what is the term for the motion sensors employed by both the I-phone and the Wii?

A bible for crunch counterculturalist, what storied catalogue won a national book award in 1972?

Uh. Jeanette and I have decided if we’re ever in New York, we’ll take the subway. Our shoes are made for looks, not walking.

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