Art Showing

Team Tyre spent the weekend getting MoonPie ready for her first gallery show. She’s eight – at nine, she’s on her own.

MP decided to enter a PTSA contest at her school called Reflections. The theme this year is “Together We Can”. I thought of all kinds of stuff – Together We Can Infiltrate Public School – and we could show crosses hidden in her backpack. Or Together We Can Overthrow this Oppressive Government – with pictures of her teachers with big X’s over their faces. How about, Together We Can Control the Animal Population through Hunting with pictures of..never mind.

She didn’t like any of my ideas.

Instead she went all GREEN. Together We Can Help the Earth! Do you see what PUBLIC school has done to my daughter? No more leaving the lights on and killing polar bears.


Anyway, the rules plainly state that only the CHILD can participate. So we were only allowed to drive her to the park, carry her supplies, print the photo she chose, buy the matte board, stay up all night CUTTING the matte board, attach her photograph, wrap it in plastic, and see that she took it to school by the deadline.

Maybe next year’s theme could be “Alone I Can”.

5 thoughts on “Art Showing

  1. I was ahead of time when I let you do all your projects by yourself. I want to see her finished product.

  2. If we had a good or semi great camera we could have gotten project pictures that took us along for the journey, but no. Instead just like any good book, no pictures. I guess we will just have to use our imagination.

  3. Perhaps you people missed the part where we were up all night! You’ll see the picture in due course.

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