Camp Time

Hi Kittens! I’m sorry the posting has been so light, but I’m worn out getting everyone off to camp. Moon left on Sunday for church camp and I feel like I’ve been shopping and packing for WEEKS. It got so bad, at one point we actually went to the mall! In addition to buying clothes, shoes, a flashlight, water bottle, and enough snacks to feed an army, we also had to make a duct tape outfit and pack a dress from Moon’s favorite decade. Moon’s dress is from the 50’s, thanks to a grandmother who holds vintage fashion shows, and was ADORABLE. It was so cute I wanted to put a sign on her that said, You Can Buy This Dress at I would show you a picture of it except that Moon decided to help me with the whole “my daughter is going to gone for a whole WEEK” blues, by being a real pill. No pictures, MOM, geesh. I guess it’s the age because when we went to church to drop her off, her cousin RimFire was also there and when my sister-in-law said, “This is so exciting,” Rim blurted, “MOM, don’t be weird!” Okay then. I’m sure the girls are having a huge time, but I’m not so sure about my other child.

JD and I had to go out of town so we decided to take Freeda to doggie camp. We had to take for a play date and make sure she got along well with others, and had she known why she was there, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been so amicable. She’ll be able to sleep and play and run around outside, so she should be fine. At least she didn’t tell JD to “Stop being weird” when we dropped her off, so that’s a win.


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  1. Tell Freda not to tell Jax about her experience at camp I may have to leave him at one.

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