LIfe Would Be Better With a Maid

Sorry for the light posting, Kitten, but this week has been ¬†FULL. ¬†Moon is going to camp and I got the big idea to invite a girl from her cabin to go shopping beforehand so the girls would have at least one familiar face. Because my motto is if you’re going to clean your house, you might as well invite as many people as possible to see it, I actually had 2 moms, 3 tweens, and 2 younger kids over for a day of swimming, lunch, and duct tape crafts on Tuesday. Luckily I had my support staff on hand to help with lunch and the crafting parts of the day – thanks, JD!

Monday I cleaned the house, Tuesday we hung by the pool, and Tuesday evening, I finished all of the work I needed to do that I hadn’t finished Monday night. We call that burning the candle at both ends, I believe.

Today I spent the entire day working at a local ministry folding and stamping and preparing 2000 newsletters for mailing. After 6 hours we finished, well except for the part where I actually mail them. Luckily I had some volunteers on hand to help with the folding, etc. – thanks, JD and Moon!

Tomorrow I’ve got more running around to do, ads to finish, emails to answer, blah, blah, BLAH! How am I supposed to finish season one of Lost at this rate?

On top of everything else, I couldn’t get this song out of my head:

Substitute “couch” for “plane” and I’ve got a theme song.


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