Bridge. No troubled water.


We arrived at our departure point (so it’s a retirement community, what of it?) ┬áready for ACTION. And by action, I mean the scenic drive to Ellijay for our bridge weekend.


This was our first time in this particular cabin, and it looked a lot bigger on the website. It only had 8 channels on the TV, no clocks, no firewood, steep stairs, and only FOUR rolls of toilet paper for 4 women playing 15 hours of bridge each day and consuming approximately 22 cups of coffee each.


But it DID have a hot tub. We’re not pioneers for goodness sake!


We played bridge. A LOT of bridge. Some people take it seriously, but I’m just there to have fun.


We ate a lot of cheesy dips.


And brownies. Lots of brownies.


Carolyn brought us each a bridge mug. I’m not sure WHY she picked this one out for me. I guess they were all out of, “I just enjoy ┬áplaying card games with my friends -win or lose” mugs.


We hung out, eating and playing bridge in out matching card PJ’s, all weekend.


Oh, this is Ellie Mae, our trophy.


We keep a running tally and the high scorer for the weekend gets their name on the back. I can’t really make out ALL the names, but I’ve been on there a few times.


Alas, this year’s winner was Patty. It was a STUNNING come-from-behind victory, since she was behind on the first day by about 3000 points.


We were all very happy for her.

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