Birthday Palooza

Moon’s birthday isn’t until Wednesday, but we had her party on Sunday with her BFF, Jemi. The girls are getting bigger now, TEN, so we kept it simple. A few games at Mountasia, then off to Jeanette’s house for the girls to play wii, eat dinner, and have birthday brownies.

Jemi got a puppy for her birthday. Best. Present. Ever. The girls kept disappearing to the bathroom to puppy-sit. I think you can tell that the puppy was thrilled with all of the attention.

Just Dance was also a big hit. I had to watch for a long time to get a photo where most of them were doing the same thing.

Every year, Jeanette and I struggle with what to give as a birthday favor. The girls are too big for toys, and most of the stuff they make is junk anyway. I found this 3-D photo idea online and we thought it was cute. Also, cheap. Moon and Jemi were born four days apart ensuring that Jeanette and I will split the cost of everything associated with their parties for as long as we can get by with it.

If you’re having a birthday soon, feel free to use any of these ideas. And also to join our birthday club. We’d be happy to split the cost THREE ways.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Palooza

  1. We mailed the “Rach’s” present on Monday, priority mail, so she should be getting it today. If it is late getting there, we didn’t forget, girl! Happy birthday! Good Lord!! Ten years? Doesn’t seem possible!!!!!

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