Double Digits

The Moonpie turns 10 today. TEN. It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true. I can hardly remember life before her; it’s like looking back on old black & white photos. Now we see everything in vibrant hues. Ten years ago, we didn’t know what to expect, just that we were overjoyed to be her parents. The night we found out she was going to be ours, JD sent out an email:

All glory and thanks be to God, the maker of all things on heaven and earth!!!

Lisa and I are so very happy and proud to announce that we have been chosen to be the adoptive parents of a baby girl! This is an answer to prayers from not just us, but so very many people, some I am sure we don’t even know about. But I wanted to give thanks to everyone I could think of that was praying without ceasing on our behalf. I am living proof that God hears the prayers of His children!! I am so richly blessed by knowing each of you that, though I deserve far less, I get more than I could ever dream. Know that I am humbled before you all, having received this gift of new life and hope and love and promise…..

I found myself driving along this morning looking at the world around me..the trees changing their clothes for winter, the birds making their plans for travel, the sun sticking to its promises, and the tears came down my cheeks at the sheer wonder of it all.. I have been made a new man by the mere thought of it. I didn’t even notice I was so happy until I could feel the warm spots appearing on my shirt. But happy I am! I sing with joy! I am swelled with a pride I cannot be ashamed of, for I know that what we are about to embark on will be an adventure completely impossible without God’s hand on our shoulder and our incredible church family at our side! I cannot thank you all, each and every one of you, with enough passion to let you know how your prayers were felt..and how your prayers petitioned God on our behalf. Now we are in full acknowledgment of His movement in our lives…we are on our faces with thanksgiving!

The joy we felt then hasn’t diminished, if anything, it’s quadrupled! It’s her birthday, but we’re the ones receiving the gift of another year with our girl.

Happy Birthday, Moonpie. We love you!!

3 thoughts on “Double Digits

  1. Boy you left the door open for the comment about a double digit midget, you know how Ammo Guy is. I will just say Happy Birthday from Mother #1. (Tania the Mad) in case you were wondering.

    Love you Rach

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