Birthday Intervention

TGIF! I’m trying to work up the proper amount of enthusiasm a weekend should inspire, but frankly, tomorrow begins a busy week for me. Work? Nah. Writing? Not so much. Cleaning? You’re obviously at the wrong blog. No, this is the Nine Year Old Birthday Bonanza Week.

MoonPie’s best-friend, Jemi, was born today, four days earlier than MP. So this afternoon we’ll be having a cake for both girls with their brownie troop, then off to Sparkles to celebrate Birthday One.

Did I mention that I went to Sparkles last week?

Tuesday is MP’s birthday so I’ll be taking cupcakes to school, then off to her favorite place for dinner – O’Charley’s. Since JEMI got to go to Sparkles on her birthday, I’m guessing we’ll have to go as well. Birthday Two usually follows the format of Birthday One.

Did I mention that I went to Sparkles last week?

Thursday, the ZolliWomen are coming – M, the crazy aunt’s, even Karen. We’ll have ANOTHER cake, some presents, lots of shopping. But I’m fairly certain we won’t be going to Sparkles. This is Birthday Late.

But wait, there’s more. Sunday is the actual party. Swimming and pizza with the friends. This is Birthday Both.

When I was a kid, I MIGHT get a cake, accompanied by poor singing and a knock-off Barbie. That was known as Birthday Broke.

Which is what I call Monday.

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