Where was I?

I can’t remember. How is it possible that the weekend passes in a busy blur, but upon reflection, I can’t remember doing anything?

Oh yeah, Sparkles. Being at the skating rink brought back all kinds of memories of skate parties in Zollicoffer. I thought my friend Jan was the luckiest kid EVER because her dad owned the skating rink. Jan could skate backwards. And not that awkward, one leg wavering back and forth move, but FAST. Jan always got picked for the boy/girl skating. I only remember being asked once. Nothing like being twelve, skating with a boy, and falling down. MoonPie will be saved from this particular humiliation because she won’t be allowed to go to the skating rink when she’s twelve. Certainly not alone, anyway. What was my mother thinking?

Saturday morning I woke up exhausted because MP had crawled in our bed in the middle of the night, bringing the grand total to 2 adults, 2 dogs, and 1 kid who’s apparently dreaming of a future in kick-boxing. I rallied to meet my writer’s group, LOVE them, then came home and dove head first into the bed. My life might not look exciting to the untrained eye.

Or the trained eye.

But then on Sunday, I went to church, used a bunch of coupons at Publix, and watched Masterpiece Theatre on PBS.

I wonder why my blog isn’t more popular. Strange.

2 thoughts on “Where was I?

  1. I bet this blog would be way more popular if you talked more about BRIDGE. I mean, everyone is fascinated by BRIDGE, aren’t they? OK, maybe not EVERYONE, but those that are fascinated by bridge are really, really devoted. Like me!

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