American Idol – Hall of Fame or Walk of Shame?

Welcome to the Rock n Roll edition of AI. Stephen Tyler wearing a shiny suit gives us a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Man, when I fall out of love with someone, I fall OUT of love. I’m sure he would find this heartbreaking on every level. This week brings two new elements to the show – Gwen Stefani styles the contestants and Will I. Am joins Jimmy Iovine in giving musical advice. I predict he’ll be Well I. Giveup by the end of the show.

Jacob sings Man in the Mirror because it’s more of who he is. If he goes home it’s not because he sang the song bad? Uh, yeah, it is. I thought it started strong, but seemed a little sharp on a couple of notes. Or flat,whatever, it was OFF, okay? Stephen said it was beautiful, JLo said it was perfect in every way, and Randy said it was hot. Blah, Blah, Blah. B-

Haley decides to sing Janis Joplin’s Take a Little Piece of My Heart. Well, I like her shoes. I guess if they’re going to bring in a celebrity stylist I can free to comment. The singing? I’m not loving it. Sorry, it just seems like karaoke. JLo says she’s a contender and she’s going to be around for a minute. We can only hope. Randy likes the bluesy rock, cool run, and Stephen can’t find anything wrong with it. That’s shocking, Stephen, you’re usually so harsh. No star power. Solid C.

Casey sings my favorite – Credence Clearwater Revival’s, Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Right away I am loving the bass. I am NOT loving the growl. He’s freaking me out a little with the high notes to low growl range thing, but over all I like it. Randy says CCR would be proud and that he has made the upright bass cool, Stephen says put wheels on it and ride it around town, and JLo says she’d pay top dollar to be in the front row. Not my favorite performance of his. B-.

Lauren does Aretha. As she walks out, I want to smack Gwen Stefani. Really, you want to put a bigger girl in checked shorts? Ugg. I think she hits all of the notes, but she’s still missing a little something behind the eyes. I’m not sure what Stephen said but it sounded like she’s “bloated up”, which is the SHORTS. JLo says she’s amazing, and Randy isn’t jumping up and down, but calls it good. Solid B.

James sings While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I’m typing and listening and I think he sounds meh. I know he hit that high note and I’m supposed to get excited but I just can’t. JLo says the pain deep inside him is special to watch, Randy loved the emotional side, Stephen loves that he weeped along with the guitar. Man, whatever they were paying Simon was too little.  B.

Next up, Scotty. He’s taking on Elvis’s That’s Alright, Mama. Here’s the truth, if I can stop from looking at him and his hunchback way of singing, I like it! Randy says he is in it to win it, Stephen says something but does it matter? JLo says he’s even got flavor! It’s my favorite performance so far. Solid A.

Right away, two things hit me. Pia is NOT doing a ballad and she’s wearing a Dalmatian. Gwen, what the what? Yeah, yeah, she hits the notes. Still devoid of soul to me, but whatever. Stephen says she’s inspiring men to drink, JLo says she can sing up tempo but she needs to research great performers, and Randy says she delivered. Reluctantly, an A.

Stefano sings When A Man Loves a Woman. I want to like him, I really do, but he just doesn’t do it for me. I think my issue is that while he, and Pia for that matter, are good technically, they just don’t bring the soul with them.  JLo says it was beautiful,  Randy said the first part was jerky, and Stephen says he nailed it. I’m giving him an A-. I don’t know why. I think they’ve lulled me into a coma.

Finally, Paul sings Johnny Cash and brings down the house! Randy says he loved it, Stephen says he loved it, and JLo says SHE loved it. Guess what? I loved it. My favorite of the night! A+ cause the boy has personality!

I predict Haley is going home. My mom says Jacob. Dad, channeling Stephen Tyler, says he hates to see any of them go. So, make your predictions now!

4 thoughts on “American Idol – Hall of Fame or Walk of Shame?

  1. Right on M on the Mt!

    I missed the first 5 minutes and was wondering who the heck picked out the girl’s clothes this week. Poor Lauren and Pia – I wonder if they were embarrassed?

    I didn’t have to cover my ears this week when Jacob sang, but I’d still like to see him go home.

    I actually really enjoyed Casey and his performance was my fav, until your boy Paul closed the show. Loved it and wish I had been there for the impromptu party at the end!

    I try hard to figure out what Steven is thinking, but am always find myself staring at the feathers in his hair. My sister makes those and sells them, if you’d like some for your golden locks.

    In my world, bottom three would be Jacob, Haley and sadly your fraternity boy, and I think the frat boy goes home. 🙁 But did you see him dancing at the end? I think he earned a few votes with those moves!

  2. Didn’t watch this week but based off of previous weeks I would put Scotty, Jacob, and Stefano in the bottom 3.

    I would flip a coin for Stefano and Jacob to go home. I’m going to predict Jacob rides the waves out of the show.

  3. haha, loved the AI commentary!! I watched it here with the team. Well, when I say the team, I mean….they call came upstairs to watch it, and most of them left. The only die-hard fan was Greg, so we watched it, followed by the results show. Your husband said, ‘the only reason he watched it was for you”, he didn’t even show up, said something about taking a nap. Hmm….

    I agree with you 100%, whatever they paid Simon, wasn’t enough… If I have to hear, ‘that was beautiful man, beautiful’ or ‘i loved it!’ one more time, I might vomit.

    My faves? Paul, James, and Lauren, and maybe Casey. Jacob needs to leave. Soon. Stefano, blah. Haley, blah. and anyone else left is too blah for me to even remember their names.

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