Weight Watchers, what?

As much as I’d love to get on the scale right now, I’m on Spring Break and my idea of dieting is to have a beer every OTHER day. Yesterday I photographed two small children, and today I didn’t. I’ll leave you to guess which day ended with a beer.

Because I wake up at four every morning as the first of way too many dogs starts asking for breakfast, I am ready for bed. So here’s a few shots from the Tennessee Vacation.

Hiding in the basement as the storm closes in. See, it’s right above us!

Moon was prepared to spend the night, but luckily it didn’t come to that.

Cousin RimFire magically appeared today and I saw them for about two seconds in total as they ran from the sandbox to the closet full of vintage clothes to the 90+ acres.

Grandmothers are good on any given day, but a Grandmother with a house full of vintage clothing is awesome. A Grandmother who repeatedly says, “Why do you keep asking for your mother to get things for you? You need to ask ME.” Well, there are no words.

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