Alive in India!

Really, REALLY alive. This is an awesome place to see. India is crazy/wild/chaotic/noisy/indescribable but the place where I am staying is the most amazing place in the world. I’m warning you, I may be a bit different when I come home. The good news is I’m pretty sure most of you are ready to see a different side of me.

The prayers are working and I haven’t been afraid once since I landed. I’m missing the family BUNCHES but God is helping me by giving me new things to focus on – like “when is my next shower,” and “how long ago did my deodorant fail?”

Growing up in Zollicoffer has prepared me for India more than you’d think. Two days ago I used the bathroom in an open field. And there was very little to hide behind. Reminded my of all those afternoon spent 4-wheeling. I also went to church where I didn’t understand much and there was no A/C. Thank you Flatt Creek C of C! I’m acclimating pretty well.

This is me sampling the local transportation.

Getting a coke at the convenience store.

The TEAM bringing home groceries. Yesterday we went to a local water park where I swam in a pair of leggings and a long shirt. I haven’t looked that good in a bathing suit in years!

Well, it’s another 25 minute walk home in the boiling sun. We’ve got lots of fun things to do this evening and by “fun” I mean a bucket shower. It’s more awesome than you know.

If you are sitting in A/C on high speed internet, surrounded by people you love, then complain about nothing!

Sending a big, sweaty, smelly hug from India,


9 thoughts on “Alive in India!

  1. Hey girl, I just love to read your writings. You are a great writer. I hope you are enjoying your trip. That is something I would love to do someday. My prayers are with you. May you have and enjoyable trip and a safe one back.

  2. Thanks for the pictures (you look good, so that is reassuring). Flat Creek prepared you for the outdoor bathroom experience too. I’m thinking that out in a field is better than an outhouse (less disgusting). Am I right?

  3. Kinda like using the bathroom at Granny Cumie’s but at least we were on the porch and had a You are too cool for words, it is such a joy knowing you are getting to have this experience. Be safe! Love ya cuz!

  4. I’m in trouble, you will never have the air on again. I’ll have to bring my own air conditioner when I come down.

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