I’m Baaaacckkk!

Internet, I’ll never take you for granted again! While you are reading this blog in the climate-controlled comfort of your home/office, some sweaty tourist is walking in the hot sun praying that the internet cafe has electricity today. Feeling blessed? I’m not so sure. Once the shock of not being able to access the web at any time wore off, it was actually a GOOD thing. I haven’t checked a political blog or news site in over two weeks and I’ve never felt better. Same goes for the television. If I had to narrow the spiritual lessons from India into one sentence it would be this – It is much easier to hear and see God, when you’re looking at Him.

Yes, I had to go all the way to India to learn that.

Anyway, I can’t really tell you the details of my trip. It’s dangerous for people that worship the Big Guy in India, so you just have to trust me – it was awesome. The bar for me, my family and my daughter has been raised – big time. ┬áBut here are a few of the highlights –

We started every morning with prayer in the Prayer Garden. I surprised myself by looking forward to it! It’s amazing how much better your day seems when you start it off some with quiet time.

After lunch, we usually had a free hour or so. Most days we used it to walk to a local store for cold soda’s. Cold is relative in India. On this particular day we also bought a watermelon. It was $1.00. I’m 100% positive we paid too much but it’s hard to negotiate while sweaty and drooling.

We spent one day at WonderLa. This is the only ride I rode. It was enough.

Strip mall – Bangalore style.

Delirious, waiting to board yet another plane.

Speaking of which, I’m exhausted and ready for bed. I’m not sure how long it’s been since I slept, but I think I left India sometime yesterday. Thanks for all your support, prayers and encouraging words! If you want the full scoop, feel free to stop by and look at my 3,000 pictures. Well, for the “full” scoop you’ll have to go to India yourself, but until then, come on over!


6 thoughts on “I’m Baaaacckkk!

  1. I love the look on the little boy’s face as he’s staring at the big, blond guy with the orange backpack! Also, Keekle is positively glowing in the last picture. I wonder why?

  2. I will be there next week – I can hardly wait to get the rest of the story and see you and Rachel and maybe JD.

  3. It sounds enlightening and I can’t wait to see the pix and get the full scoop! I am so glad that you are back. I’m also glad that J.D. and Moonpie didn’t go with you or you might have decided to stay for way too long.

  4. I just want to say I am glad your back safely and that you a very amazing person, I know you have been trying to tell me for years…LOL Hope to see in July or early August. Love u cuz!

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