Adventures From The Cape

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been. I had many photogenic opportunities this week to post my whereabouts on Facebook, but I didn’t want anyone to feel bad that they weren’t me. Let’s face it, that’s a real problem. But since we’re practically FAMILY, Kittens, I’ll give you all the juicy details.

My friend Mantamy and her husband invited me and some friends to their home on the cape. That’s how we beach people say it, “the CAPE”.


In case you’re looking at this and thinking my life is nothing but fun and games, I want to assure you that in every life some rain must fall. You may not realize this from looking at the photo, but that sand is REALLY soft making it quite difficult to walk. Unless you move over about three feet closer to the surf, then it’s pretty perfect.

Hey, is dinner ready yet?

Hey, is dinner ready yet?

Anyway. unlike my trip last year, I was not about to chase something called a “bait ball”. I did however take off in rough seas to chase dolphins. It’s amazing what grown women will do when a dolphin fin shows up. I wasn’t even wearing a LIFE JACKET. There we were, out on the big, blue sea paddling against the wind, harassing dolphins. For some reason, they kept swimming away. Still, there’s something wonderful about floating on top of the deep water, smacking the water like a wounded seal, with no real idea what is swimming underneath you. At one point, a ray of some type leapt out of the water near us. Just as I was remarking on the wonder of aquatic life, Mantamy helpfully pointed out it was either “just having fun, or being chased by something.” Fun fact: You can pee in a kayak and no one will even notice.

While the weather was beautiful, it also became very windy.  Since that meant would couldn’t kayak on open water anymore, the ladies found other things to kill me with, like walking and riding bikes, and kayaking on the BAY. That’s how we beach people say it, the “BAY”.  The bay is the part of the beach that no one goes to unless they’re fishing or doing a paper for marine biology.


Believe it or not, that man is actually kayaking in 8 inches of water. There were several times that I just bent my knees and scooted along the bottom.


When we got tired, we just got out and dragged our kayaks back to shore.  I enjoyed it very much, and made note that at least we didn’t have to worry about sharks. That’s when Mantamy’s husband, LEGUS, told us that he’d heard an 8 foot hammerhead lived at the end of the dock.

It’s almost like Mantamy and Legus don’t WANT us to come back.


If that’s the case, they’re going about it all wrong. What is a shark or two compared to beautiful views, yummy food, cold beer, and hanging around a bunch of crazy women and laughing until you cry?




3 thoughts on “Adventures From The Cape

  1. I’m somewhat offended that your choice of phrasing is “beautiful views…and crazy women” rather than “crazy views…and beautiful women.” I’m even more offended that you and Kit weren’t arrested on the drive home. Come to think of it, “crazy women” may be more appropriate.

  2. I would have said “beautiful” women, but I did include photographs and people have eyes! I could have said 4 beautiful, crazy women and 1 very sane cow, but I’m not that specific in my writings usually.

    I’m thinking of creating a new blog called, BE THE CHANGE. You should subscribe.

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