So, So Lame

I’ll be honest, I totally forgot I even had a blog! I know what you’re thinking, that makes all of us. Look, I’ve been busy.

First of all, I needed Monday to recuperate from my trip to the beach. Not only did I strain my abs laughing, but all of that kayaking left me with a serious boo boo on my thumb. I almost needed a band-aid. And when I did finally recover, then it was off to the salt mines for work. I mean, as much as one can work on an election day.

Here’s a true story – every election day of my youth, my mom would refuse to let me leave the house past dark. For some reason, she swore people would be out “drinking”. Now that I follow politics closely, I understand why. Old habits die hard and as soon as I could sneak out of work without someone docking my pay, I came home, planted myself on the couch and got a drink. Hey, blame my mama.

I’m not going to go into the results of the election, I mean, why upset people? So I want to take about something less controversial – Obamacare. Seriously, yesterday as I was looking over my finances, I was trying to decide whether or not to increase some of my giving, and/or to start supporting new ministries. Then I remembered that our health insurance is set to almost DOUBLE in a couple of weeks. That’s over $400 bucks extra that I have to come up with. As soon as I started resenting having to pay the additional dough, I remembered that all of the poor people can now have cheap insurance because I am helping pay for it. Which led me to think that since I am helping poor people (unlike my own WEALTHY self) then I could count that as giving, and just stop throwing money away on kids in India, the unborn, and missionaries. One easy payment to the insurance company, what a relief! With all of that deep thinking, you can see why I forgot about this blog.

And then there’s my sister. I made the mistake of taking her to a local shop full of glitzy items when she was in town. Not content to shop there for hours on her own time, she discovered their phone number and ordered more LONG DISTANCE. So I had to run to the store, pick up her things, and now I’ve got to find time in my busy schedule to mail them. I mean, I’ve already got lunch AND dinner plans tomorrow. How am I supposed to fit a trip to the post office in? If I wasn’t sitting here typing while wearing all brand new clothes that my sister gave me when she cleaned out her closet, I’d strike.

So, in conclusion, I’m tired, poor, and lazy. But you knew that already.





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  1. How can you remember all those things from your youth? The way they bought votes in your youth was with whiskey now they give them health care at least I didn’t have to pay for the whiskey.

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