9 Year Old MoonPie

I can’t believe it’s been NINE years. It’s gone by so fast. Sigh. MP’s gifts are wrapped and waiting at the table, along with a balloon, and the traditional birthday doughnut. JD and I are going to school at lunch and taking the cupcakes. Nothing like giving naturally crazy 3rd graders their weight in sugar.

In honor of the MoonPie, I’ve made a list of 9 tidbits about her life.

Nine Truths about the birthday girl –

1. She has discovered Rugrats. It’s old school Rugrats, 24/7 around here. Angelica is still mean.

2. She sings Taylor Swift in the shower.

3. She has learned ALL about cars from her dad. The other day she point out a “rare merc”. That’s a rare Mercedes for those of you with a life.

4. She learned about depression in health class. She said she doesn’t have it.

5. She isn’t into boys, Justin Bieber or The Jonas Brothers yet. Thank you, LORD.

6. She IS into Star Wars. That’s how she told me she’ll decide on who to marry – Star Wars knowledge.

7. She knows the books of the Old Testament. She’s learning the New.

8. Her goal for 2011 is to try new foods. Last week she tried a corn dog.

9. I have the most beautiful, awesome child in the world. And I know it. Thank you AGAIN, Lord.

I could have done 10, but one involved burping, so I thought I’d pass.

6 thoughts on “9 Year Old MoonPie

  1. You most definitely have an amazing daughter!! She is such a sweetheart and I love her to pieces!!! And I do think your readers need proof of her wonderful singing… like the “Picture to Burn” by Taylor Swift she sang over and over again this past summer in the car!! (JD has a video of that I do believe.. as long as he didn’t delete it off of his iphone) LOL LOL 9 years and 100 more to go of that sweet little blessing!! (wait… that’d make you over 130…. creeky bones and all) bahahaha

  2. Happy Birthday to Rachel!!! I can hardly believe it’s been 9 years!! Her presents haven’t come in yet; expecting them Wed. or Thurs. and will get them in the mail—til then have a wonderful Birthday celebration-you are a very special, loved young lady!!!

  3. Have a very special birthday Rachie Poo. Alaska Ashleigh will teach you how to burp your ABC’s this coming summer for next year’s list. Love you bunches.
    Mudder #2

  4. Happy Birthday Rachel! I love you so much! You are a wonderful young lady! I can’t believe you are 9…Wow where have the years gone! It seems like yesterday…..I miss you lots can’t wait to see you again…..
    with all my love!!

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