For Such A Time as These Amenities

One thing traveling has taught me is that the Lord really knew what he was doing when he had me be born in this time. I kept staring out the window at the scenery as we drove across South Dakota and trying to imagine doing it by covered wagon, or living in a log cabin without central heat and air, or being a pioneer woman canning food for the winter. Nope. I would have eaten my own toes by November. I was meant for the easy life.

I got the same feeling when we toured Mt. Rushmore.

Can you imagine something like this happening today? We’d have congressional hearings for a decade just to decide which President got to be in front.

The museum said that 400 workers helped create the memorial and that they worked 14 years and had to walk up 700 steps to get to the top. I got tired walking to the gift shop.

After our history lesson, we decided to visit another iconic place – Devil’s Tower.

You may remember the movie? It was too scary for me to watch, but I remember the mashed potato scene.


We did not see any aliens, although people in RV parks might be confused for some, present company INCLUDED. We opted to stay at a KOA at the base of the tower and it was perfect.

Except for the rain and the fog and the other camper, we had a great view!

Tomorrow, more from the road. And by road, I mean another campground with heat, electricity, water, laundry services, and hot showers.


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