Day Three – What We’ve Learned So Far

We are adjusting to life on the road in a big way. I’ve already learned how to wash dishes in cold water, how to sleep in a full-size bed with a full-size man and dog, and how to use the toilet in a bathroom the size of a broom closet while swaying back and forth down the interstate. We will be pros by the time we get back.

JD has learned that stealing WIFI is not as easy as it looks.


He also found out that our RV gets between 6 and 10 miles per gallon which, according to him, is not a lot. Teen Tyre and I explained that it’s all about the SMILES per gallon. He took that about as well as you probably imagine.

Teen Tyre has learned that her parents know very little about RV life. Or about anything actually, and seems to find that HYSTERICAL.


Teen Tyre is at her best when traveling. Maybe it has something to do with A) If she gets an attitude we can leave her a verrry long way from home, and B) She gets to lay around and not do schoolwork – a teenager’s dream!

BC has learned that he LOVES camping, but he HATES the drive between campgrounds. Perhaps it’s because the whole RV sounds like it’s coming apart as we drive, but he will stand at the front between the bucket seats for HOURS and just stare back into the RV.

Tomorrow we head further into the great wild. Who knows what we’ll learn?? Maybe even something useful like how to turn on our heater┬áso Teen Tyre can stop sleeping in a hat and two pairs of socks.


One thought on “Day Three – What We’ve Learned So Far

  1. I swear that girl is looking more like you every time I see a pic of you two ladies together!
    Don’t kill Bone Crusher. please! He’s just doing what dogs do! But, you might want to invest in a muzzle……………Chief

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