Today  I changed sheets, mopped the floors, took a lint brush to my carpet and cleaned my toilet. You know you’re in trouble when cleaning your toilet is not the worst part of your day. It’s all in preparation for the Family Onslaught. Mom, Granny, The Aunt’s and Cousin Karen will be here before lunch so I wanted to make a spot for them. Hopefully, a CLEAN spot. And after all of my hard work I’m happy to report there is exactly one spot. Oh, wait, Gitzo just walked through it so never mind.

The highlight of my day was my trip shopping. And by “highlight” I mean, “soul crushing.”I picked up MP and we went to Publix. Oh, wait, you DON’T take my coupons? No biggie, I’ll just drive five miles to the OTHER Publix. But first, I’m going to stop at the bank and make a deposit. NOW, I’m going to Publix. Oh, wait, I left my card at the bank? Awesome, I’ll just run back and order a new one. NOW, I’m going to Publix. Oh, wait, they’re OUT of everything that I had a coupon for? No biggie. I’ll just go home and put my head in the over. Oh, wait, that is definitely NOT the clean spot. Gross.

My friend, Dan, commenting on a previous post, suggested I talk about bridge more. Do you know how much I love Dan? It almost makes up for the fact that he and his wife beat me like mashed potatoes at the last tournament. But it reminded that my day STARTED when someone called to invite me to play bridge this weekend. And I had to say NO.

It should have been my first clue. No good can come on a day that begins with no to bridge. You can take that to the bank! Just remember to get your card from the ATM.

2 thoughts on “Whew.

  1. Don’t it always said remove card quickly – does it say drop it in the floor or lay it down while you get your money. It is probably in your pocket.

  2. I’m famous! I mean, I got mentioned in this blog that EVERYONE reads, and on top of that, the blog was mentioning BRIDGE! This seems more like day full of good things to me… 🙂

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