Twenty Today!

Today my nephew turns 20. Did you know I have a nephew? Meet Joseph.


Awwww. Cute, huh? You know the saying, the squeaky wheel gets the grease?


Can you spot the squeaky wheel?


“You’re a very silly pirate. That marker is permanent! ¬†Muh ha ha.”


Sigh. It must be tough being the youngest. How did this poor, sweet child MAKE it to 20? Did I mention he was sweet?


He’s been blessed with a good nature. Which leads you to overlook the fact that he has a mischievous streak. In fact, saying he has a “streak” is like saying Arizona has a “hole”. You know, as in the ¬†Grand Canyon? My family is not big on travel. Like the time he showed us a blister and said he was bitten by a spider. Just as we were about to take him to the hospital he remembered that he MIGHT have touched a light bulb.


Who could be mad at that face?


Ummm. Yeah, masks are not a good idea. It reminds me of the time he and his friends found a hundred dollar bill on his dad’s dresser and decided to take it to the store so they could split it 3 ways. He was only 8 or 9. Still, I admit it was not the right thing to do. He probably should have been punished.


Awwww. What was I saying? I can’t remember.


Oh yeah, like that time he found his friends spray painting…


Never mind. This could go on all night.

Happy Birthday, Joseph! I love you!

2 thoughts on “Twenty Today!

  1. You forgot some really good ones – but he so sweet we love him a bunch. Happy Birthday Jose.

  2. Please remember in all future posts re: Joseph, use the word “allegedly”.
    Also, you need to get the facts straight. When poor little Joseph found the $100 bill, he gave it to one of his friends who said they would give it back to his father. Then they gave Joseph 33.00 and told him that his dad said that was a finders fee. See, once again Joseph was completely innocent.

    Rose Colored glasses Mom

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