The Church is a Hit


First look…


Awww. Hey, I HELPED. Well, I kept you out of the basement, that counts.


Barbie was enjoying church, but then somebody got upset because there wasn’t enough hymns being sung, and the worship panda quit, which caused Ken to leave in a huff and start his OWN church. It’s a mess. I blame the stuffed animals.


But at the last minute, everyone got saved and we held a baptism in the jacuzzi.


Tyre Town also became Jamestown, 1609 for awhile. This is the supply boat leaving England. England looks like fun. I should totally go sometime.


While the boat wasn’t large, it was loaded with food and that was all that mattered.


Alas, it was too late for these two. They died in the sickness shed.


I have no idea where she gets this stuff.

3 thoughts on “The Church is a Hit

  1. Rachel is going to Hollywood With that imagination she will be an actress, director or screen writer.

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