Well, there you have it. 2 days and 1 messy kitchen later – one Easter chick. Seriously. This is it. The only one that was even close.

Moron Test Grade – F or 2, whatever my grading scale is.  This recipe/project/craft/satanic experiment is impossible.

The worst thing is that you start to THINK that you can actually do it. Make a cake from a box, check. Rip it up and mix with a can of icing, check. Make into a bunch of balls causing your husband to remark, “no two of these are anywhere close to being the same size or shape”, check. Put on a stick and dip into melted candy…uh, hmmm. See the candy is heavy, which causes the cake balls to fall apart, slide down the stick, bounce across the floor and be eaten by the dogs. It CANNOT be done.

In the end, I rolled them around in the candy mixture and called it a day. And even then they were completly ordinary in every way. I’d been so much better off just icing the darn cake.


Bakerella is from the devil.

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