Siss, Boom, Bang

Before I began this trip, I thought life on the road would be peaceful. Ha Ha. Have you ever ridden long-distance in an RV? It sounds like this: CLANG, BANG, SNAP, CLANGETY, CLANG, BANG BOOM. Only louder.

I live in Atlanta so I have a high tolerance for road work, but dang, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma have problems of their own. By the time we limp into our campsites each night, I have a splitting headache. I think JD does too, but I can’t really hear him.

Our RV is taking a beating in more ways than one.

First of all, BC ate the interior.

Evidently, he was hungry because he also ate doughnuts off the table, our garbage and the screen. I sighed and kept on trucking. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

My cabinets have also taken a beating and my counter-tops have peeled in places. Our curtain rods have bent and warped, and everything is dirty. When JD pointed out the latest scuff mark, I just sighed and kept on trucking. It’s nothing that can’t be redone.

In addition to things getting banged up, we’ve lost a few things. So far we’ve managed to leave a gas cap behind, leave the bathroom vent open so that the plastic cover could go free somewhere between Reno and Las Vegas, and lose the part of the stinky slinky that actually allows you to dump said stinky. Can you HEAR ME SIGHING? LET’S KEEP TRUCKING. IT’S NOTHING THAT CAN’T BE REBOUGHT.

The outside has probably taken as much or more of a beating but since it looked so bad to begin with, it’s hard to tell. We did manage to pick up a bumper sticker. We’ve seen literally hundreds. Did we get a cool one of Yellowstone or maybe the Grand Canyon? Uh, no. JD picked up one from a restaurant in Whidbey Island.

I guess, in reality, it goes perfectly with the RV.

Not to say that we’re not having fun.

We are seeing lots of great things, like this meteor crater. I think it says a lot about us that not one of us jumped.


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