My Brother Saves the Day

I have internet. I have television. Seriously, what two better sentences exist in the world? My brother came over after a long day of work and fixed my TV by bypassing the black box, then unplugging the red, yellow, and white cables from the OTHER black box, and finally, moving a cable from input two to input three. Voila! The internet was simpler – he replaced the router. Then replugged a whole bunch of cables into it. The point is – this blog is the result of his hard work so blame him.

So I finally finished the Bible. I started it before Christmas so I didn’t exactly breeze through it, but I did it in less than a year, so whoo hoo for me. I’m sure God is throwing a party that after 40 years of reading YA and Historical Romances, I finally made it through the BIBLE. My vow was to read no other books until I had finished it and I didn’t. My new vow? No more vows! I am planning on starting over now, and reading it at my leisure. Oh, and also catching up on 6 months of reading YA and Historical Romances. Speaking of which – I bought and read The Hunger Games today. Yes, in one day, don’t judge me. It was AWESOME and the piles of clothes on the floor will just have to wait.

Tomorrow I’ll be too busy praying to pick up clothes as it’s CRCT day at Moon’s school – the TEST that determines whether or not she can go into 4th grade. One of the women in my Moms in Touch group said her son is worried because his teacher told the class, YOU SHOULD BE SCARED. How awesome would it have been if one of the kids and said, “I REBUKE you. The Lord did not give us a spirit of fear, woman! Get thee behind me Satan!”

Well, I think it would be cool. But maybe I should wait a day or two before I start reading the Bible again.

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