I’m Lost

My brother just came in and sat on my couch and asked, “Did you blog today?” Of all the nerve. Didn’t I SAY I was going to blog more? I’ve got all kinds of things to say, just wait!

Yeah, I’ve got nothing. I slept late today and it threw off my whole day. ¬†I did manage to exercise and grab a quick shower, then it was out to the office for work, work, work. Most of what I did today was time-sucking nothingness – answer an email, forward a proof, wait on a phone call. The only bright spot was when I was waiting on a couple of people to call me back, I snuck in an episode of Lost.

Yes, I am binge watching Lost, a series that was very popular 4 – 10 years ago. I don’t know WHY I find a show about really attractive people lost on a deserted island with something called a “smoke monster” interesting, especially when my own reality is so freaking awesome, but I just do.

Moon ¬†cleaned house for me, and JD went to WalMart so I didn’t even have the fun of that added excitement to get me through the day. The only bright spot was when Baby A came to visit for a few hours. We filled her up with watermelon and peaches, then introduced her to a Wii game featuring Barbie and a horse. Best. Aunt. Ever.

She really seemed to like the game, so we sent it home with her. Of course that means my brother will have to go home and hook up his Wii game, then spend several hours a day helping her outfit her rider, tack her horse, and watch her ride the trails. He might even be so busy, he won’t have time to question my blogging schedule again.

If he does, I’ve got a Pet Shop game that’ll keep him busy till A’s in middle school.

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  1. I will have to find her something to take home so she will not ask for our pets. I need a blog to read in the mornings to cheer me up.

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