I Thought We Were Friends

Really. I was just BRAGGING on you people. I was thinking about how important it is to have people in your life who will speak TRUTH to you. Who’ll give it to you straight, let you know the real deal, when you’re going off track. And I thought you people were that for me. But then I see this:

O.M.G. My sister-in-law is right there. Why didn’t she shove me out of the picture and say, “You really DON’T want a visual record of this.” Why didn’t one of the many people I saw that night as I strutted around saying “Haloo!” grab me, drag me to the bathroom and shove my head under a sink? Couldn’t someone have at least broken that plastic claw holding my hair or comb my bangs?

Why am I SMILING like that? I look like Ed McMahon just came through the door holding a big check and some balloons. There is no other reason to have that look on my face.

Step it up, Kittens. Or else I’m getting some new friends. And by “new”, I mean “gay.”

2 thoughts on “I Thought We Were Friends

  1. Do you have shoulder pads on? You kinda look like a linebacker…haha…I would not have let you leave the house looking like this…haha

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