Holy Sunday – (or how I spent my birthday.)

I had the privilege of joining The Atlanta Dream Center on Friday night for a ministry called Princess Night. This church, located in Atlanta’s Fourth Ward, spends every Friday night driving around some of the worst sections of town looking for women involved in prostitution. They give them a gift, a card, and a rose, and they tell them they are beautiful and loved.

I went with my friends, Carolyn and Kathryn, and a group of 12 other women from a local church. We spent the night handing out roses, prayers and even hugs. The first woman we spoke too, cried. She had never been given a rose before. What an honor; we got to tell women that God has not forgotten them!

One of the things that struck me is that we were driving around, praying and asking God to send us people that needed to hear His truth. And while I can’t go EVERY Friday night, I can spend my days actively LOOKING. There are hurting people everywhere.

Are you looking? Let’s do it together. The Atlanta Dream Center is transforming their community by showing them the love of Christ. What does He want to do in our neighborhood?

6 thoughts on “Holy Sunday – (or how I spent my birthday.)

  1. What an amazing night! How beautiful it was to hear you praying for the lives of other woman pretty much non stop for 3 straight hours on YOUR birthday!! I have a simple prayer for you today – MORE LORD!

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